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The site name karlpu is a tribute to Karl Popper and his universe

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FOLCC 2021 Fundraising

The second biennial FOLCC (Friends of Loophole Causal Closure) meeting is for fundraising and was scheduled for the summer of 2021 at the location of the north coast of the beautiful Greek island Ikaria, centered around the port of Evdilos.

Colorful church interior outside Evdilos.

Due to the world crisis these plans now are on ice. All donations are welcome. Legal persons are welcome to donate.


Donate via PayPal: https://www.PayPal.me/folcc2021, or via bank transfer to: Account holder: Johan Gamper, Bank: Nordea, Country: Sweden, IBAN: SE1730000000032274555273, BIC (SWIFT-address): NDEASESS

Learn more about Scientific Ontology:

Introductory course in Scientific Ontology

The second online course in Scientific ontology is now open for registration.

If we let formal ontology be attempts to account for modal properties of the (physical) universe, scientific ontology is attempts to account for modal properties of universes as linked by interfaces.

Scientific ontology is a new field of research opened up by the redefinition (Gamper 2017) of the principle of the causal closure of a universe. The redefinition makes possible an answer to the question of how body and mind possible could interact. The answer is that they could interact via an interface. Scientific ontology is defined in Gamper (2019b) and discussed, implicitly, in Gamper (2018). Gamper (2019a) is a technical paper on a tentative property of an ontologically neutral concept of object.

Winter 2020 syllabus

Start date: November 15, 2020

End date: December 15, 2020


Register for the course by E-mail to: johan.gamper@karlpu.org before October 31. Subject: so winter registration. Please provide your OrcId Id. This course is free of charge and corresponds to one week of higher education.