FOLCC 2021 Fundraising

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FOLCC 2021 Fundraising

The first meeting of the Friends of Loophole Causal Closure, FOLCC, took place in July, 2019. It gathered people that were interested in the 2017 paper On a Loophole in Causal Closure, which shed light on the body and mind issue and other issues that was related to the prevailing definition of the Principle of the causal closure of the physical universe. The article opened up for new perspectives on the basis that it allowed interfaces between universes even though all universes were causally closed. The author, J. Gamper, had published three additional articles that were also discussed at the meeting (Blocking the Vagueness Block – A New Restricted Answer to the Special Composition Question, The Kind ‘Object’, and Scientific Ontology). Since Gamper had been working without funding, making his living as a psychologist, it was suggested that the following meeting should be a fundraising meeting. The second biennial friends of loophole causal closure (FOLCC) meeting, therefore, is a fundraising meeting and it is scheduled for the summer of 2021 at the location of the north coast of the beautiful Greek island Ikaria, centered around the port of Evdilos.

The number of friends attending and their preferences will help form the structure and contents of the meeting. Friends may invite guests as they please.The exact dates and location will be communicated directly to the friends. Legal persons are welcome to be friends and/or to donate.


“Friends” at this meeting will donate a minimum amount depending on how early the donation is made.

  • Until September 15, 2020 friend donations starts at €5,000 or equivalent
  • Between September 16, 2020 and Mars 15, 2021 donations are from €10,000
  • After Mars 15, 2021 until the meeting donations are from €12,500
  • Other donations are welcome

The funding will target the key concepts universes and interfaces and their contents.

Donate via PayPal:, or via bank transfer to: Account holder: Johan Gamper, Bank: Nordea, Country: Sweden, IBAN: SE1730000000032274555273, BIC (SWIFT-address): NDEASESS

Learn more about Scientific Ontology:

Fall semester 2020:

Introductory course in Scientific Ontology

The first introductory course in Scientific ontology will be a free online course held by Johan Gamper.

Scientific ontology is a new field of research opened up by the redefinition (Gamper, 2017) of the principle of the causal closure of a universe (or an ontological domain). The redefinition makes possible an answer to the question of how mind and matter possible could interact. The answer is that they possibly could interact via an interface between the physical domain and a non-physical domain (a domain containing what would be labeled consciousness or the mind, or something of that kind). Scientific ontology is defined in Gamper (2019b) and discussed, implicitly, in Gamper (2018). Gamper (2019a) is a technical paper on a tentative property of an ontologically neutral concept of object.


Start date: September 16, 2020

End date: November 15, 2020

Aim: The student should grasp the core idea of the notion of scientific ontology and its application.


Lecture 1. Subject: Loophole causal closure. Available one week from September 16.

Lecture 2. Subject: Scientific ontology.  Available one week from September 23.

Lecture 3. Subject: The kind ‘object’. Available one week from September 30.

Lecture 4. Subject: The object ’Omega’. Available one week from October 7.

Assignment: A short essay (10,000 characters with spaces) due November 15.

Grading: approved/not approved.


Apply via E-mail to: before Juli 16