The independent institute of applied metaphysics

The site name karlpu is a tribute to Karl Popper and his universe


Causal objects omega — the scientific object as a causal sum.

Artificial Non-Simulated Intelligence (ANSI). Macro psychology is a tool for exploring the possibility of ANSI.

A Second Order Ontology is an ontology that allows more than one ontology. Monism, e.g., allows Physicalism and Idealism.

– Ontophronesis, a second order ontology sprung from the basic assumption of monism.

Impaired Recovery Function. Related to the ability of biological systems to bounce back where a physical system would break under the same level of load.

I23. Trying to construe the conjunction of ontological atoms. Call for participation.

The Causal Inequality. Ontologically homogeneous domains do not cause ontologically homogeneous domains.

Ontologically Heterogeneous Domains. May cause and be caused by ontologically homogeneous domains.

Vertical Ontologically Heterogeneous Domains. Cause ontologically homogeneous domains.

Horizontal Ontologically Heterogeneous Domains. Do not cause ontologically homogeneous domains.

The Intention Method, based on the continental psychologist Franz Ruppert’s empirical research and theory.

– Scientific ontology.

Non-mathematical physical dimensions.

Ω and D – the object as such and its dimensionality.

– Macro Psychology. The second step of (Gamper 2020).

The biological object as a causal sum.

– Non-chemical biological energy.

– ’My body and my brain’. Ad hoc or redundant?

– Exploring melancholia and psychosis with a mereological approach.

-’If my cat sees me, does that entail that it must be able to know that it sees me.

‘Can the psychological horizontal interface emerge without the other?’

– Identifying, investigating, and coming to terms with wounds of the mind based on Macro psychology and Continental psychology.

– Macro psychology and Causal objects – the Lacanian word-chain as a link to psychoanalysis.

Effects of the redefinition of causal closure for the definition of science.