Physical Considerations. Hybrid event. September 7-9, 2023.

The old question of the relation between body and mind recently has been reopened (Gamper 2017) by an attempt to show that the body possibly could affect a non-physical mind indirectly via an interface between the two ontological domains. This possibility was discovered as a result of a redefinition of the classical Principle of the causal closure of the physical universe. In the redefinition a universe is causally closed if it is not causally affected by anything from another universe. This definition of causal closure thus permits something in a universe to cause something that is not in a universe. Since something that is not in a universe is allowed to cause something in another universe that is causally closed, two causally closed universes can be causally linked via an interface between them.


Gamper, J. On a Loophole in Causal Closure. Philosophia 45, 631–636 (2017).


Hybrid on Zoom and at Leap AB, Kungsgatan 8, Stockholm, Sweden

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