The Stockholm academy for extraordinary philosophy and science

Call for participation: The Stockholm academy for extraordinary philosophy and science will have its first “walk and talk” Wednesday, May 31, 2023. I’ll walk from The National Museum at 14.00, heading over the bridge to Skeppsholmen. Then I’ll walk around it and head back to the National Museum.

This is an up to date list of planned walks and talks:

  • Wednesday, May 31, 2023. Report: Nice walk. Found kind of a short cut through the Modern Museum. Lost some philosophers perhaps. Three more walks already planned!
  • Wednesday, June 7, 2023
  • Wednesday, June 14, 2023
  • Wednesday, June 21, 2023

With “extraordinary” I simply mean “founded on new premises”. I have offered solutions to old questions within the field of philosophy-science. See especially my 2017 and 2021. These solutions build on unpublished material that I want to discuss. The idea is to gather people that want to work with very deep questions from the starting point of my findings. The unpublished material is an axiomatization of the natural laws. The axiomatization is not complicated but is founded on new premises. “The Stockholm academy for extraordinary philosophy and science”, thus, is positioned outside what is usually dealt with within academia. An example of what is “outside” is found in 2023 (preprint).


Gamper, J. On a Loophole in Causal Closure. Philosophia 45, 631–636 (2017).

Gamper, J. Biological Energy and the Experiencing Subject. Axiomathes 31, 497–506 (2021).

Johan Gamper. (2023). On a Loophole in Causal Closure: Reply to Berber & Đorđević. Qeios.


Johan Gamper

Independent scholar


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