Summary of the first six Open Mindfulness meditations on Mem (November, on Zoom)

I haven’t done anything like this before so it’s nice to prepare for participants on open meetings when people can show up in the last minute. There has been one participant (the first meeting) and now I think I can describe what newcomers could expect.

In mindfulness meditation you try to follow instruction and that’s it. You cannot do it wrong. You could choose to do something else but that’s another thing. Most often one come to think of something else and think that it is wrong. The trick is to remind oneself that it isn’t wrong. When one notice that one is doing something else one immediately get the chance to start over again. As the instructor it is my job to do the reminding. That is called guidance.

In the first phase the direction of the attention is suggested to be towards very concrete things, often the movement in the body related to the breathing. The meditation is “on Mem” which means that we try to take notice of any thought that in any way is associated to “Mem”. In the second phase we do the same thing with the addition of trying to remember the things that popped up in association to “Mem”. In the third phase we do the same thing as in the first with the addition of trying to notice anything one wants in relation to “Mem”. The fourth phase is the same with focus on planning.

The microphones should be muted and video is fully optional. Reflections et cetera can be shared in the chat.

I don’t find the concept less disturbing but it feels right to continue with the meditations. One of the seven basic attitudes in mindfulness practice is trust and it works for me at the moment.

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