Physical Considerations. On demand.

The old question of the relation between body and mind recently has been reopened (Gamper 2017) by an attempt to show that the body possibly could affect a non-physical mind indirectly via an interface between the two ontological domains. This possibility was discovered as a result of a redefinition of the classical Principle of the causal closure of the physical universe. In the redefinition a universe is causally closed if it is not causally affected by anything from another universe. This definition of causal closure thus permits something in a universe to cause something that is not in a universe. Since something that is not in a universe is allowed to cause something in another universe that is causally closed, two causally closed universes can be causally linked via an interface between them.


Gamper, J. On a Loophole in Causal Closure. Philosophia 45, 631–636 (2017).

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