Literature and Creative Arts: a multi subjective narrative. On demand.

This is an experiential workshop primarily for philosophers and practitioners of choreography (dance), drama (theater) and poetry, based on a development of Franz Ruppert’s Intention method made by the workshop organizer Johan Gamper. Ruppert’s psychotherapeutic Intention method is developed to integrate split off parts of a traumatized client. Structurally the work is done with a therapist, a supporting group, and a client. The client states their intention and writes it down on a whiteboard. Thereafter the client asks participants of the group one by one to represent a word in the intention sentence. When that is done the floor is open for the representatives to move and talk and interact and in due course also the client starts to interact with the representatives. In a variant of the method the therapist and the client do all the representation themselves (with markers). Gamper has developed this further by omitting also the external therapist, representing all roles himself. After many years of practicing this form of “auto constellation” he took the next step two years ago and dropped both the therapist and the client (he himself in the client’s role). The result was something he perceived as very near to drama and poetry. Working with several intentions he experienced dramas being played, poetry being read (by one or more voices), and in the dramas several choreographies being displayed.

The philosophical implications that could be seen concern matters as “could the ordinary self contain ‘sub-selves’ with their own integrity?” and “is art an expression without a central part of the individual (say, the ego)?”

We will go through the theory of the Intention method (IoPT) and work with it practically. The main focus is on the practical and theoretical link between the non-clinical application and the artistic expression.

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