God in perspective. On demand.

“Science builds upon the basic assumption that the physical is causally unaffected by anything non-physical. That leaves science detached from theology. If we instead see the physical for what it is, an ontologically homogeneous domain, we can let science be built upon the basic assumption that ontologically homogeneous domains do not cause ontologically homogeneous domains. Doing so we let science leave the door open for ontologically heterogeneous domains.We call ontologically homogeneous domains universes and ontologically heterogeneous domains interfaces. The physical, thus, is a universe. Based on the basic assumption that universes do not cause universes it is allowed that interfaces both can be caused by and cause universes. The physical universe, therefore, can be caused by an interface.” (Gamper, 2021)


Metaphysics uniting theology and science — back to the basics (as in back to the basic assumptions). Gamper 2021 (forthcoming)

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