Omega Workshop— on the Scientific Object (Interstellar Variations 9)

In Gamper (2018) the Höglund perspective is put on the notion of an object. The Höglund perspective is to make a claim weaker and thereby accessing a more general perspective on the subject at hand. For instance the claim that everything is physical in a Höglund perspective generates the claim that everything basically consists of only one kind of things. Since this in effect is monism physicalism implies monism. Epistemologically this may seem unimportant but if we regard physicalism as a basic assumption physicalism actually refutes itself as a basic assumption since not both physicalism and monism can be basic assumptions. Another example is intelligence in the light of extra terrestrial beings. Even if there are no extra terrestrial intelligent beings we can define intelligence in the light of their possible existence. One option here is that such beings would be aware of their own conscious contents. In such a case they would not be artificially intelligent but intelligent.

Gamper (2018) builds upon Gamper (2017) that also utilizes the Höglund perspective. It looks at the claim that the universe is causally closed. How causal closure is defined, however, implies monism. Monism and causal closure, nota bene, imply that all ontological domains are causally closed (since there only is one). If all ontological domains are causally closed, though, it is safe to redefine causal closure, a move that can entail that pluralism may be true! Implicitly the Höglund perspective is used also in Wigner (1970) where Wigner exemplifies how the understanding of a subject matter changes when it is look at in a wider picture.

Concretely the Höglund perspective in Gamper (2018) is that however we conceptualize the notion of an object we can widen the scope and ask what an object per se is. Even if monism is true we can utilize the Höglund perspective and ask what any object must be, hence the title On the Kind “Object”. The object on this very high level of abstraction is called Omega. In the workshop we will investigate Omega in various ways with help of the Höglund perspective and other tools. For inspiration it could be useful to look at Gamper (2021).


Gamper, J. (2017). On a Loophole in Causal Closure. Philosophia 45, 631–636.

Gamper, J. (2018). The Kind ‘Object’. Philosophia.

Gamper, J. (2021). Rebooting Science 1.0. BoD. Stockholm, Sweden.

Wigner, E.P. (1970). Physics and the explanation of life. Found Phys 1, 35–45.

© 2022 Johan Gamper

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Workshop organizer

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Postal address: Subrosa KB, Albatrossvägen 104, 13666, Vendelsö, Sweden

Visiting address: Kungsgatan 8, Stockholm, Sweden



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